Trade Securities and Bitcoin Futures with Cryptocurrency

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2017/11/25 00:00:00

What is Ankorus?

Ankorus presents the unique ANK token.

ANK tokens grant access to bitcoin futures investment with cryptocurrency, plus …

All exchange-traded financial assets can be bought and sold on the Ankorus platform,

including stocks, bonds, ETFs, FX and commodities.

Together, the ANK and Ankorus will establish

blockchain-secured wealth creation for all.

ANK Bonus Curve

Our base price is 400 ANK per ETH. Firstcomers receive a 50 % bonus.
For example, a contribution of 1 ETH at the beginning of the Token Allocation will be awarded with 600 ANK.
However, latecomers will receive only 400 ANK for 1 ETH.

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How Ankorus Works



Pick Any
Financial Asset

Shares / Stocks
Bitcoin Futures
ETFs / Bonds



Pay with 60+ Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin / Ether
Litecoin / Ripple
Dash / NEO
Monero / Omisego



Anchor Tokens Tied to Your Security

Instantly Credited
To Your
Smart Wallet




Ankorus Debit Card

Convenient international debit card, with no ATM fees

  • Unlimited, fully refunded ATM fees

  • Free online bill pay services

  • VISA ID theft protection

  • Extended warranty

  • Emergency card replacement

  • Lost/stolen card reporting

Ankorus Markets

Ankorus enables you to purchase & tokenise any financial asset onto the blockchain


Present System

For buying & selling securities
Takes many days + high fees

New Smarter Solution

The Ankorus Platform

How Anchor Tokens Work

Creation of Anchor Tokens

Redemption of Anchor Tokens

Smart wallet credited in any of 60 different
Cryptocurrencies of customers choosing

Who Are We

The core team are 5 founders from the US, UK and South Africa

John Cruz

CEO and Head of Trading

Since 1992, John Cruz (JBX) has been an independent financial trader and a member of seven exchanges (CME, CBOT, MID-AM, COMEX, MATIF, Eurex, and SGX). John trades stocks, bonds, futures, options, metals, commodities and currencies. With the emergence of cryptocurrencies, John found a perfect fit and he has traded them for the past four years. His trading instinct soon identified market inefficiencies and untapped opportunities. Long delays in settlement times for transactions along with hacking vulnerabilities each clearly needed attention. He also identified a huge potential for bringing back the droves of small investors who had fled the algo-driven equity markets, and he became determined to open the door to their renewed participation. This combination of factors led to his originating of the concept for Ankorus, recognising the means and the moment to potentially transform global markets.

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Shawn McLean


Shawn has spent more than thirteen years working as a software engineer in the US, for companies such as LucasArts and Electronic Arts (EA), and as lead engineer at Zynga. His professional experience includes asset deployment and management, light SQL data management, PC and console game engine development, social game deployment and client/server system integration. In 2013, he co-founded and served as CTO and software architect for LVL Analytics, an innovation analysis and patent development service company. Shawn is excited to be harnessing crypto and blockchain technology for its groundbreaking potential to make financial transactions transparent and accessible to all.

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Haldane Marnoch


Hal has a background in full-stack technology and ten years of experience working in foreign exchange, including six years spent in support of Morgan Stanley’s FX trading desks and underlying tech systems as a front office IT engineer. Latterly, he co-founded an online FX remittance company, serving as both its director and CTO, which specializes in currency transfers to and from South East Asia. Hal is convinced that crypto systems are now mature enough to unite the crypto world with the traditional financial world, yielding considerable mutual benefits.

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Craig Absiyeh-Eichmeier

Community Director

Craig is an independent financial trader, active in both the crypto/ICO sphere and the traditional investment world. He began his working life at Siemens Commercial Academy where he received a grounding in business and finance. But a passion for online poker quickly turned into a profession, and a highly successful one that spanned more than a decade. Here, Craig learned further crucial lessons about risk and its management, while continuing his own personal study of traditional finance. In recent years, he has returned from the poker world after carving out greater success as a trader.

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Martin Higgins

Media Director

Martin has a wide experience as a journalist, editor and copywriter dating back more than twenty years, in the fields of news production, commercial writing and public relations. Notable highlights include writing for Crypto Insider, an online news outlet covering cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, compiling Wall Street investor briefs for Ubiqus and, marketing journalism, podcast host and techno-thriller novelist.

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Advisers Team

Patrick Gray

Dean Karakitsos

Ludwig Peene

David DuByne

Thomas McAlister

Alex Lightman

Barnaby Andersun

Jeff Jacobsen

Wulf Kaal

Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof

Kevin Kurian

Luca Rade

Arun Singh

Mark Jeffrey

Jon Peters

Axel Hellinger

Alex Medvedev


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